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What We Do

We buy and renovate distressed properties, providing quality workforce housing.  We sell these properties to investors at prices that provide solid returns.  These properties are located in Texas and Oklahoma, United States of America.

How can you participate in the United States Rental Housing Market?


The Debt Opportunity

  1. Put your money to work in safety and security. We remove the volatility and uncertainty. 
  2. 8% annual return
  3. $200,000 USD to $1,000,000 USD investment
  4. Fully backed by collateral – rental houses in Texas and Oklahoma
  5. 3 and 5 year terms available
  6. Real time access to property information


The Turnkey Ownership Opportunity

  1. Own investment property – immediately ready to produce income.
  2. Purchase property at wholesale prices, below market retail value.
  3. Target 8%+ return on investment.
  4. Typical properties are purchased from $110,000 USD to $200,000 USD
  5. Cash flow positive from the first month your property is rented.
  6. We manage the property and provide real time access to photos, videos, and reports at all times.
  7. Take advantage of tax benefits; depreciation, interest payments, repairs, and opportunity zones.
  8. Diversity your IRA and 401K money with the solid appreciation and cash flow of real estate, reducing volatility and drawdowns.
  9. Hedge against inflation.

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