Why the GBOH Fund?

• Backed by income producing real estate.
• The fund owns multiple single family and other rental properties, not a single large multi family property.  You are diversified with multiple properties in multiple cities in the growing states of Texas and Oklahoma.
• Properties are purchased at a 30% or greater discount off retail value.
• Use your self-directed IRA or Roth IRA to manage and reduce your tax burden.

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in the business
since 2012

We have been in the real estate business since 2012, and have handled hundreds of transactions. You can harbor funds in the security and reliability of US-based rental properties. You can have solid and safe returns.

Our company specializes in the purchase and renovation of distressed properties, transforming them into quality, safe, and attractive workforce housing. We are dedicated to providing good homes to good people at affordable prices.

Welcome to the GBOH Fund:

Your Gateway to High-Quality Real Estate Investments.

Our fund is uniquely built on the foundation of income-producing real estate. Unlike other funds that solely rely on a single large multi-family property, we offer you the advantage of a diverse portfolio consisting of multiple single-family and other rental properties. With us, you can enjoy the benefits of diversification across various properties, mitigating risks and maximizing returns.

One of the key reasons to choose the GBOH Fund is the incredible opportunity to purchase properties at a significant discount – 30% or more off their retail value. This means you can gain instant equity while ensuring long-term profitability.

What sets us apart is the flexibility of cashing out your investment without having to wait for the fund to sell properties. We understand that your financial goals may evolve or emergencies may arise, so we provide you with the freedom to access your funds when you need them. Additionally, we support self-directed IRAs and Roth IRAs, empowering you to manage and reduce your tax burden effectively. Take advantage of the tax benefits these accounts offer while building a solid real estate investment portfolio.

Discover the unparalleled opportunities and advantages offered by the GBOH Fund. Access high-quality real estate investments and embrace the stability of income-producing properties. Start an exciting journey towards financial prosperity with us.

Experience Meets Expertise:

Trustworthy Real Estate Investing Since 2012.

For almost a decade, we have specialized in real estate investing and have had the privilege of successfully handling hundreds of transactions. Our wealth of knowledge and experience allows us to offer you the assurance and peace of mind that comes with investing in US-based rental Properties.

With us, you have the opportunity to harbor funds in assets that are both secure and reliable. Our properties have a proven track record of delivering solid and safe returns, ensuring that your investment grows steadily and consistently over time.

We believe in the importance of building strong, long-term relationships with our investors, and we strive to provide them with the highest level of personalized service and attention to detail. We are committed to keeping you informed, involved, and confident in your investment Decisions.

Partner with us for reliable and trustworthy real estate investing. Let us help you achieve your financial goals through a proven investment strategy and a solid track record of success.

We buy and renovate distressed properties to create affordable workforce housing for good people. Our team is committed to excellence, making every renovation detail count.

Unlock Your Financial Freedom with
Real Estate Investments.
Our mission is to finance residential investment properties in Oklahoma and Texas, providing financial freedom and risk management through income-producing real estate investments. Our diverse portfolio includes single-family and multiple-family workforce housing properties strategically located in thriving economic areas of the United States.

What makes us stand out is our team of real estate industry experts. We meticulously analyze each investment opportunity to ensure it meets our strategy and delivers optimal returns. With our in-house construction crews and property management services, we maintain consistent quality and cost-efficiency. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service tailored to each client’s investment needs.

Investing with us means entering a secure and stable environment. We eliminate volatility and uncertainty, offering an attractive 8% annual return on investments ranging from $50,000 USD to $5,000,000 USD. Our investments are fully backed by collateral – rental housing in Texas and Oklahoma. With professional management and comprehensive insurance coverage, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your investment is protected.

Join us on the path to financial success through real estate investments. Experience the benefits of a dedicated team, solid returns, and confidence in your investment’s security.

Invest in Communities and Your Future with Our Affordable Housing Solutions.

The surge of people relocating to Texas is creating a housing demand that surpasses the available supply. Our company recognized this opportunity in the growing Texas economy to address the issue of inadequate affordable housing. We buy substandard houses at significant discounts and renovate them into safe and affordable housing options. In doing so, we not only improve communities but also generate solid financial returns for our clients, empowering them to build equity and security. Our data-driven methodology allows us to buy the right houses at the right price, ensuring optimal offers. As an exclusive licensee of in Texas and Oklahoma counties, we operate through this partnership to reach more potential homeowners.

Our expert crews carry out the renovation process, incorporating proven construction methods and technology to meet current safety, efficiency, and attractiveness standards. Our trained and licensed agents prioritize the marketing and rental process, ensuring maximum efficiency. We invest in our agents by providing continuing education opportunities and regularly implementing improvements to ensure swift and effective rental processes. Invest in us to be part of a solution that not only gives you a return on your investment but also contributes to a better future for communities and families.

Company Information

GBOH, Inc., a Texas Corporation, is owned by Will Roddy and Joel Beal of Arlington, Texas. Our office and warehouse are located at 9515 Santa Clara Drive, Fort Worth, Texas. Founded in 2018, we have a strong foundation stemming from our experience of acquiring rental houses in North Texas since 1992.

As a data-driven company, we track trends and employ consistent rules that have been proven over 20 years at numerous companies throughout the United States. Our Standard Operating Procedures and proven systems allow us to efficiently source leads, track deals, accurately price property costs, estimate and monitor repairs and renovations, market properties for rent and sale, and manage the closing process.

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